Some Practical Ways to Limit Government and Get It Out of Our Lives

I’ve been thinking about friends who want a very limited federal government that gets out of their personal lives, and I have some suggestions.
First, very few want to get rid of Social Security but it needs more financial support, so I suggest eliminating the current $106,800 limit to income subject to FICA taxes.  But that would accomplish nothing to limit government and get it out of personal lives.  So let’s go forth.
  • Eliminate Medicare and Medicaid altogether
  • Eliminate all federal regulation of food processing and distribution 
  • Eliminate all federal regulation of pharmacology
  • Eliminate all agriculture support programs and payments
  • Eliminate all scientific and cultural support programs
  • Privatize crop insurance
  • Privatize air traffic control and eliminate all airport and rural air service subsidies and grants
  • Eliminate federal gas taxes and return all road and highway responsibilities to the states
  • Eliminate all consumer protection and transportation safety programs
  • Eliminate environmental protection agencies
  • Eliminate OSHA
  • Auction off national parks to the states or reliable theme park companies
  • Eliminate national forests and the BLM.  Auction off the land
  • Eliminate the SEC
  • Contract with Morgan-Chase to assume basic Federal Reserve functions
  • Eliminate the Department of Commerce and all of it’s programs
  • Eliminate all programs of the Corps of Engineers not directly related to combat missions of the Army
  • Eliminate NASA
I realize that this is not nearly enough, but it’s a reasonable start.

6 thoughts on “Some Practical Ways to Limit Government and Get It Out of Our Lives”

  1. You forgot,eliminate all laws that I disagree with.Mandate a militia of citizens to enforce the laws created by each individual community, with no Federal government or state government oversight.Remember, we are a democracy, so what the majority in any given community wants, they get.No taxes, ever, every citizen is responsible to pay only for the services or portion of services they personally use, at their own discretion of course.Eliminate all public schools.Eliminate all police and fire departments.An organized military is too threatening, it should be disbanded and a citizen militia should be maintained only on a voluntary as needed basis.Gosh, I could just go on and on.

  2. CP, good satire! I would forward it to my super-right-wing brother, but he never responds to anything I send him, so I am just going to drop all attempts to start a dialogue on anything with him. Dr B

  3. Well, I think you did forget that allowing certain states to secede from the Union would give those of us who do want to remain part of the U.S. Governance more goods, services, and just plain money to apply to all the the federal aid they are so eager to forfeit. Dang, I'll miss 'em!

  4. All,I watched some of the interviews from the Nevada tea party gathering and must admit that what is satire to me is foundational truth to others, and they would not see the irony of that.CP

  5. CPThis is exactly why this is so frightening. I am not sure what deception these people fell for first. What blinded these people? Baal of capitalism must be a powerful god indeed, he has disguised himself in the garments of righteousness and invaded the temples, he preaches a false freedom and the people follow. Bru

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