• Six Glorious Months to Practice a New Way of Life

    June 3, 2023 by

    Every year at this time I write about the importance of the six months of ordinary time.  Having gone through the six month cycle of holy seasons, holy days, and special liturgies, we settle down to a six month study of one Gospel and the rest of scripture that helps us understand it. From Christmas… Read more

  • DeSantis & a New American Way

    May 31, 2023 by

    Ron DeSantis appeared on Fox proclaiming that if elected he would serve two terms and destroy wokeism and leftism. The United States would become more like Florida, and wouldn’t that be a good thing. Teachers would be told what they could and couldn’t teach. History would be limited to a sanitized white-bread romantic tale of… Read more

  • The Heresies of Trinity Sunday: or the Trinity unexplained

    May 30, 2023 by

    On Trinity Sunday every preacher will commit heresy no matter how or what they say.  The very idea that we can plumb the inner workings of God Almighty is preposterous but it hasn’t kept us from trying.  After all, Christians know God as Father, Son and Holy Spirit, so it’s only natural that people will… Read more

  • A Weekend Rant: Things and Issues that get under my skin

    May 27, 2023 by

    It is said that algorithms are sophisticated tools for targeting people who most likely will be interested in certain goods and services. So it is said. I wonder.  Kindle sends hundreds of book suggestions to me every week promising they will be of interest. Few of them are.  I get ads for products I already… Read more

  • Charisma: its power for good or ill in politics

    May 24, 2023 by

    My neighbor Grace is well educated, well informed and politically active. It’s her firm belief that one can be an effective president or governor only if one is charismatic. First charisma, then all other things can be considered.  She won’t vote for Biden because, in her opinion, he has no charisma. She won’t go for… Read more

  • Apologies to Readers, Emerson and Mill

    May 21, 2023 by

    Apologies to subscribers and readers of an early draft of the column on Community and Individualism. I conflated J.S. Mill’s essay On Liberty with R.W. Emerson’s on Self Reliance. it was sloppy work. Thanks to friend Prof. Tom Davis for pointing it out.

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