• The Kingdom of God & Christian Nationalism

    January 23, 2021 by

    “Justice, as it turns out, is the social manifestation of the kingdom [of God].”  That’s a quote from the writings of Sen. Josh Hawley as cited by Dan Zak in a recent NYT piece.  What can it mean?  It depends on how one defines the kingdom of God.  There is an apocalyptic view that defines… Read more

  • A Path Toward National Unity

    January 19, 2021 by

    The air is filled with talk of unity.  It’s the theme of a new administration, and the ardent desire of a people exhausted by corrosive divisiveness pitting class against class, region against region, and families against families.  To be sure, the nation has struggled with growing disunity for several decades, but the last four years… Read more

  • Oops!

    January 16, 2021 by

    To my subscribers, sorry for the poor editing in the first paragraph. It’s corrected on the site. Can’t speak for the rest of the column.

  • 3 Lessons in Listening & Prayer

    January 16, 2021 by

    We’re accustomed to being told there are right ways to do most everything. Anything else is the wrong way. At the same time, we’re told there isn’t one right way but many; however, some ways are more preferred than others. Then we’re told that failing to meet standards of rightness or wrongness can have serious… Read more

  • When Trump’s Presidency Began to Fail

    January 11, 2021 by

    When did the Trump presidency begin to fail? I think it began at his inauguration. His speech was delivered in a monotone of acceptable platitudes by a man who neither believed nor understood what he was saying. From then on, we witnessed, a succession of events proclaimed as great achievements, that failed in delivering what… Read more

  • Reflections on Insurrection Wednesday

    January 8, 2021 by

    Like others, I feel compelled to write about the events of this past week, yet am reluctant because it’s difficult to wrap my head around them.  Maybe you feel the same.  As usual, everything revolved around Trump, and it’s impossible to reflect on the week without reflecting on him.  He entered the week as the… Read more

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