Bending Spoons, Waiting for Summer, Doing Work

Anyone around my age watched Uri Geller use the power of his mind to bend a spoon right on television, probably the Ed Sullivan Show.  Then we spent hours, or a few brief moments, holding our own spoons intently staring at them, mentally willing them to bend.  They never did.  
The same feeling comes over me in the spring.  Many of the fruit trees are in full bloom.  The willows are showing some green, and other trees are heavy with buds.  Tired of bare branches and gloomy weather, I find myself intently staring at them, mentally willing them to leaf out NOW!  They never do.  
The only thing that works is to patiently wait for what will happen to happen.  Something like that is what Lent and Holy Week are all about.  They provide a short lesson in life, and it raises an important question.  If we cannot hurry up the opening of our own lives to the life in Christ that is already ours in the faint budding of green, but not yet fully here, what are we to do in the meantime.  I suppose we could just sit and wait in fearful self-complacency like the steward who buried his talents.  But Lent and Holy Week call us to something different.  To continue mixing metaphors, they call us to a life of spring cleaning and yard work to prepare the way.  They call us to a life of getting out of the house and into the world to continue the ministry of Christ, which is the ministry of preparation.    

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  1. I have always felt that Christianity is a Gardeners religion. You just have to deal with what is, and realize you are not the final decider, just a worker, often surprised at the beauty of the 'weeds'.

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