Castles in the Sky

AP writers Michelle Roberts and Michael Tarm wrote an article claiming that the recent small plane suicide crash in Texas exposed a gap in U.S. air security.   The Texas incident was sad, tragic and evil, no doubt about it.  But it would be a shame if America succumbed to closing this newly discovered security gap out of fearful hysteria.  However, since fearful hysteria seems to be the stuff of some elements of society, I do have a suggestion.  
Important government buildings are protected from car and truck bombers by concrete barricades, and they do a pretty decent job of it.  So all that is needed is a slight extension.  Build up the barricades to just above the height of each building, with additional roof mounted barricades extending a hundred feet or so into the sky.  Basically it’s a technologically up to date version of the castle with outer walls, turrets and an inner keep.  Think about it.  Not only safe but, when finally handed over for private sector use, they would make terrific theme parks and resort hotels.
Yes, I know I’m supposed to be a theologian and it is Lent, so I should be writing something of pithy theological value, and I’ll get back to that soon before they kick me off the Christian Century Network.

2 thoughts on “Castles in the Sky”

  1. oh, I don't know, isn't this season also about experiencing our humanness? it should be. Besides we need to keep watch in all seasons and silliness appears to always be in season.

  2. They had just finished removing many of those same concrete barricade in Iraq from separating Sunni and Shia neighborhoods when new terrorist attacks renewed the horrors! This was not (apparently) mainly the work of Al Qaeda in Iraq against American troops, but of Sunni against Shia, Muslim against Muslim! Like the 17th century bloodshed of Protestant Christian against Catholic Christian (or Protestant Geneva burning at the stake the Unitarian Michael Servetus!), and vice versa. The main reason that Christian vs. Christian violence has mostly died down (even in Northern Ireland, mostly) has been the secularized indiffence rather than tolerant charity of both sides,sadly. Dr B

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