A Tricky Performance

My member of Congress, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, is one of those John Boehner minions who had nothing but utter contempt for the stimulus legislation, has voted no on almost everything, and frequently offers public statements sympathetic to some of the goofiest tea party allegations.  But she was thrilled to send out a news release announcing a $35 million competitive grant from stimulus money for highway construction near Spokane.  Vote against it.  Ridicule it.  Take credit for it.  That’s a trick.
She is also articulate, attractive, smarter than some, reasonably good at constituent relations, and knows when to flash her conservative Christian credentials, so she can stay in congress as long as she wants given that her opposition will be the product of an inept and flaccid district Democratic organization.
Lest you think that I am making overly harsh judgements unbefitting a priest, especially in Lent, there are no judgments here, just observations.

3 thoughts on “A Tricky Performance”

  1. Frederick the Great (why he was labeled great eludes me) is quoted as having said:\”I must admit that when drawn into the vortex of …politics it is difficult to preserve decency and integrity. One feels oneself in constant danger of being betrayed by one's allies and abandoned by one's friends, of being suffocated by envy and jealousy, and is thus finally driven to the terrible alternative of being false either to one's country or to one's word.\”

  2. No doubt that a more imaginative and active Demoratic organization in eastern Washington would make some difference, after all, the Democrat Tom Foley was in office for years there. Whether it would make a decisive difference is debatable. MacMorris-Rogers is a very attractive Republican for this district, and more to the point, this is, after all, a very conservative part of the state. The very mention of \”Seattle liberals\” here arouses hostile adrenalin!

  3. Anon,I agree but, and the but is that the district's Democratic Party appears to be little more than a friendship club whose members sit around mumbling \”tsk, tsk\” and \”aint it awful\” instead of getting out and doing the hard work of political organizing. I figure they learned their evangelizing skills from Episcopalians.CP

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