Getting Jesus Back Where He Belongs

An acquaintance of mine has a habit of forwarding sentimental postings, often with a religious theme. She sent one a few days ago with a cute little set up leading to the punch line: “When we get Jesus back where he belongs, our country will come together.” Now how would you interpret that?

One thing is clear; the original writer believes that Jesus is not where he belongs, at least in our country. I wonder where he is, and if he was where he belonged, where would he be? Another thing is clear; it is our responsibility to get him back where he belongs, wherever that is. I wonder how we are supposed to exercise that responsibility?

I suspect that the original writer of that little ditty was headed in a direction I would prefer not to go. Of course I don’t really know that, it’s just a suspicion. So, giving him/her the benefit of the doubt, I’ll offer my own interpretation.

If the Christians in this country would act more like Christians by following in the way of Christ, this would indeed be a better country, albeit not altogether together.

5 thoughts on “Getting Jesus Back Where He Belongs”

  1. I wonder who the Jesus is that they want back where he belongs is.If it is hanging on the cross where he belongs, I think we do that very well.If it is resurrected we do a pretty bad job of that.if it is a baby in a manger to \”goo and gah\” over, we do that pretty well.if it is amongst us welcoming all and living as if all are children of God, we fail pretty badly at that.if it is assuring us that no matter what we do, no matter what our motivation is, its okay he will forgive us when we are ready, We are great at that!if it is reminding us that how we live in relation to others matters and has consequences, well we don't score to highly there,,,,,and on, and on,But then, I could be wrong on all thismaybe God is more personal than corporate and that is what matters. and maybe where Jesus belongs is ever pointing to God?Who knows.Thanks for all your stimulation

  2. Hello Steve,Well, this little saying makes it sound like Jesus is the star of some sort of sideshow act and is now on the lam. I find this sort of attitude so, sigh, tiresome and just wrong. It all reminds me of \”The Grand Inquisitor\” — I mean, how dare that darn Jesus allow himself to be led off to places where he really doesn't belong.Best,Mike

  3. Sorry, Steve, it's Mike as in Mike Wenberg…I enjoy visiting your blog from time to time and appreciate your insights, questions, and perspective, as well as those from your other friends and visitors. My best to you and Diana.

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