Progress of Sorts

It’s hard to think of this as progress, but it is:


UGANDA: Bishop supports jail for homosexuals, opposes death

By Fredrick Nzwili

[Ecumenical News International, Nairobi] An Anglican church leader in
Uganda has rejected proposals that homosexuals should face the death
penalty for sexual assault in some cases, but says that prison terms
should remain as a deterrent.

6 thoughts on “Progress of Sorts”

  1. \”progress\”sighIs there a difference? I mean in this context. Would imprisonment for all people over 65 be progress over mandated death penalty? Imprisonment for Jews over extermination? Some may argue being alive at all costs is good, or better than death, but if the soul is killed, if hope is smothered, if there is no chance of love, then to what purpose life?Just lock them away, till,, till,,, till what? they profess change? they convert? they assume the characteristics of the privileged, honored heterosexual? they die, or are killed in the prisons where they are just as hated? which is torture? which is more merciful, quick death or torture then death, or worse a life being used, bought, sold, slowly being killed.

  2. Bruno,Yes, it does smack of the Spanish Inquisition, but it also represent a slight recognition of a certain amount of personhood worthy of life as opposed to dehumanization to the point where death is simply a means of disposal. A mere crack perhaps but maybe it can be pried open some more.CP

  3. CP,While, yes, I do indeed see your point. From this side of the \”divide\” I still see very little difference. The feelings that tear at my insides, my soul, over the prospect that this allowance is somehow a step in the right direction or can be viewed as \”progress\” scream for words to express the fear and rage that my people, my children, are not worthy of a full life and can be played as mere tokens in a game of not speaking truth. Perhaps the truth is that Christianity has no place for those who are ordered to those of their same gender? Perhaps the truth is that Christianity desires the putting away of, or removing from society those of the LGBT tribes, Perhaps the truth is that anything that stands to threaten the patriarchy of the family, the church, of society is sinful and should be \”put away\” till it learns the holiness of submission to those who would make of themselves gods. The truth that exists for my children in Uganda is that a Bishop, a man of God still professes death in some cases for homosexuals and feels that prison is a fine deterrent to keep them from leading a full life. The truth is that there is no Good News in Uganda for my children. God passes them by without so much as a glance.

  4. Bruno,You have spoken well and in truth, and there is no appropriate \”on the other hand.\” Yet there is one thing more. The bishop dares to claim the authority to speak and act in the name of Jesus. That's a dangerous thing to do because Jesus might actually engage him, and I hope that is what is beginning to happen.CP

  5. Your commenters and conversation are powerful witness to those who find Jesus' way a more liberal and loving way than do those who choose to \”speak for Jesus\” in not killing, JUST imprisoning those who would love their same sex partner for life:)

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