Kanabian Scenery

Country Parson posts are generally about theology, politics or economics.  This is something of a break.  Except for our move from the NYC area to Walla Walla some years ago, cross country car trips have not been our thing, but how else can one see some of the spectacular scenery of the American West?  So here we are in Kanab, Utah on the second day of a trip that will take us to the Grand Canyon, Mesa Verde and back home through parts of Colorado.  What surprised me today was how many lush green valleys we drove through on the way from Salt Lake to here.  We’ve driven the Salt Lake route before, and flown in many times (you gotta change planes somewhere), so I expected what we had experienced: high very arid desert.  There is certainly enough of that around, but the beautiful green mountain valleys were a surprise.  Now here we are in Kanab, which all the Kanabians know is the take off point for all those John Wayne westerns and a dozen or so other movies and television series.  Tomorrow we are going to drift down to the Grand Canyon and spend a couple of days there before moving on.  In the meantime, I’m letting things theological, political and economic fade into the background, or maybe not, you never know.

6 thoughts on “Kanabian Scenery”

  1. Bruno,We tried to work out a route through your neighborhood but discovered the limits of our driving endurance and rerouted to a more direct route to the Grand Canyon. Will take lots of photos and share them as able, but you are the one who should be here with a camera.CP

  2. too bad you still haven't figured out how to post pictures :-)wishing you wonderful drifting and more delightful surprises!!

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