On the Road

This blog is not a travelogue.  I generally do write travel journals for our own record, but there is a possibility that I might offer post some reflections about this trip a bit later on.  Two days on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon is barely enough time to begin thinking about it.  We did not go to the more popular and tourist oriented South Rim, and, being the person that I am, it was probably a good thing.  Tomorrow we visit Mesa Verde National Park, which has long held a fascination for me.  Perhaps more later.  However, Sunrise Sister is a much more poetic thinker and is probably posting something profound this very minute.  You might check her out.


5 thoughts on “On the Road”

  1. Here's the thing, Our many travels have opened up new understandings of how Spirit filled is our earth and all creation, but it does not easily translate into solid theological language. Being Spirit filled is not to romanticize or sentimentalize nature, and that's the danger. As C.S. Lewis said of Aslan, he is good but he is not safe.

  2. No not safe, yet is is where I feel most like I am walking with God.It is in nature that I \”get it\” and God becomes God of creation stripped of all the pagan ideas we adorn God with.Nature is where God is with me and wants to share with me, journey with me, not lead me, not control me.In nature is where God wants to meet me, be with me, talk WITH me, hear me.In nature is where God desires, not worship, not pomp, but interaction, closeness, honesty, LOVE.In nature God calls out, put aside facades and be, \”be who I made you.\” \”Breath\”.

  3. Your title to this blog, \”On the Road\”, evoked in me the name \”Jack Kerouac\”, which was the incorrect answer given by all 3 finalist contestants on Jeopardy two nights ago! The question was, in American literature, \”What author called Route 66 'America's Highway'?\”. I also had answered \”Jack Kerouac\”, but the correct answer (my second choice) was \”John Steinbeck\”. Alex did not say whether Steinbeck was referring to \”Grapes of Wrath\” or his later work, \”Travels with Charlie (his dog)\”. Your title could have been \”On the Road with Sunrise Sister\”! (I guess you two do not have both dogs with you?) Dr.B

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