Guns and Good Friday

I just listened to an NPR report on gun and ammunition sales.  According to the reporter, and the Texas gun shop owner she interviewed, gun sales went through the roof and ammunition out the door the day after the election, and it has not slowed down.  The gun shop owner said is was due to fear: fear that Obama would take away their ammunition and impose confiscatory taxes on gun sales or even take them away altogether.  After all, if he is already taking away the banks, car companies, oil companies and who knows what else, as well as squandering our hard earned money on bailouts and welfare for people who don’t work as hard as we do.  What else will he start taking away with all this socialism?  In the end, he said, it came down to the need to defend one’s self and property against all those criminals, who, if they suspected that guns and ammunition were restricted, would unleash a flood of violence against innocent hard working people like us.

This kind of irrational hysteria is, in my opinion, a combination of fear driven ignorance nourished by the worst of the ultra right wing talk radio commentators who deliberately encourage it with outlandish hate filled distortions of truth.  We have seen some of the fruits of this kind of thinking in the dramatic increase in shooting rampages inflicted, not by criminals, but by dads, moms, brothers, sisters, and former friends and associates.  I’m too saddened to be outraged.  And I’m especially saddened that a good percentage of these ignorant fear driven souls probably claim the name of Christ as well.  I know a few of them, and at least among those few, any challenge to their way of thinking is met with an instantaneous and angry defense.  What a way to live: fearful, angry and armed.

If I had my way, I’d like to see us license gun owners just as we license drivers.  There would be age limits as well as required study and a test.  Permits and background checks would be required for all gun sales and not just some, and guns would be registered just as automobiles are registered.  That, of course, is precisely what the gun nuts fear the most as the immediate and certain sign that the end of America as we know it has come.

As we approach Good Friday, let us reflect on how far fear driven human behavior can go in defense of its worst motivations.

6 thoughts on “Guns and Good Friday”

  1. The scary truth is that it is church people buying these guns. If church paid prophets would preach and insist on ultimate concerns like raceism,the value of human life, and Jesus love, their churches would not grow into mega churches but would be the voice of the Holy Spirit.But I too have sinned and need to pray for forgiveness.

  2. Us?CP, Congratulations on the numbers, you are being bold and speaking that of which you believe. People do want to hear,

  3. We had a president who changed the way we do things in this country. He changed it by saying \”Make my day\”, he added to this change by saying \”Look out for number one\”. Just as he changed this country forever, and there is no going back. the face of christianity has been changed forever by its proclamation of fear of God as a motivator for faith, and by the adaptation of the idea that there is a visible favor of God in the way one lives. Just as there is no going back for this country, there is no going back for the christian faith. We can however check our bearings and move forward, towards what we were taught. Tonight, we celebrate the last supper of Jesus. We know what the way forward holds. We can believe today, the outcome is resurrection in three days time. Can we believe it for this country, for human kind, for the church? Maybe not in three days. The way forward has been mapped out for us, the way of the servant, integrity does not lead to a preserved way of being, but rather a changed life, a changed world. Just as the apostles did not go to the cross with their teacher and Jesus went alone, we must travel the road to change alone, it is a personal journey, one at a time. Perseverance in the teachings and the courage to believe that they are indeed the way of life is the way to resurrection. CP I share your sadness, and I pray that at some point we understand it is not the place of christianity to change governments or institutions, but rather to change hearts and minds, the rest is a natural outcome. Fear driven human behavior is fear driven human behavior, if it be claimed for self or if it be claimed for God, it really is all about self preservation, not servanthood. Which are we called to, which do we proclaim, which do we exhibit?

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