To Brighten a Pastor’s Monday in Holy Week

Here’s a Holy Week thought.

When a congregation has become a social club and begins to think of its pastor as its chief master of ceremonies as well as its primary recruiter for new (and acceptable) members of the club, has it ceased being a Christian church regardless of the sign on the door?

When they fondly remember the wonderful pastor who did just that and brought so many new comers into the church that it was always full, do they wonder where all those people went and why they left?

When some smart-ass church consultant tells them that it is their job, and not the pastor’s, to become seekers of seekers, fishers of men and women, and the only kind of evangelism they can think of is a Jehovah’s Witness door knock, have they ever been taught how to be disciples?

When inviting someone to Rotary or the Country Club is natural, expected and enthusiastically accomplished, but not a word will ever be spoken about St. Swithen’s Church, have we, who are called and ordained to be teachers of the faith, simply failed for lack of trying even a little bit?

My guess is that, if congregations and pastors were included in the national No Christian Left Behind program of evaluation, most of us would receive failing grades and few of us would be entitled to any merit pay. We were called to be shepherds. Have we ended up as hirelings?

2 thoughts on “To Brighten a Pastor’s Monday in Holy Week”

  1. Yes!of course not! they know it was nothing they did, it must be the preaching, etc.Of course they have been taught what it means to be disciples, but as we all know that doesn\’t apply in the world outside of church. How could they get ahead if they followed the life of a disciple?Or maybe we live in fear of empty pews, fear that what our Lord taught is the fools way and so we stand like Peter denying we know our Lord, and that his way is a way of life. Or maybe we don\’t really believe it?Yes indeed we have become hirelings, telling the people what they want to hear. Just look at the size of the memorial plaques under the windows in the church, or the names of some church halls, etc..

  2. This is not too tough a post – it is an accurate to the bone, to the heart post! When will I/we ever learn to take our discipleship seriously – oh, wait, I did invite someone to church today. In fact, I even posted a strong suggestion on FB, which doesn\’t really count, of course, to get people into the pews but maybe it puts the thought in their heads that I feel strongly about the subject. But besides that, I did have an opportunity today to issue a personal invitation – we\’ll see. Again, even if the person doesn\’t show up this time, there\’s always the seed planted…..I know I\’m poor at lots of discipleship jobs but I keep pluggin\’ away. Thanks CP and Bruno – you guys keep at it too!

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