Finally – A Helpful Statement on Racism

In preparing for a workshop on Lambeth I took a look at each of the resolutions considered by the Conference since 1867.  I was particularly taken with this statement from the World Council of Churches included in the 1968 record, and offer it for whatever value it may have to you. 

Lambeth 1968

Resolution 16


The Conference commends the following statement of the World Council of Churches meeting at Uppsala: 

Racism is a blatant denial of the Christian faith. (i) It denies the effectiveness of the reconciling work of Jesus Christ, through whose love all human diversities lose their divisive significance; (ii) it denies our common humanity in creation and our belief that all men are made in God’s image; (iii) it falsely asserts that we find our significance in terms of racial identity rather than in Jesus Christ. 

The Conference acknowledges in penitence that the Churches of the Anglican Communion have failed to accept the cost of corporate witness to their unity in Christ, and calls upon them to re-examine their life and structures in order to give expression to the demands of the Gospel (a) by the inclusiveness of their worship, (b) by the creation of a climate of acceptance in their common life, and (c) by their justice in placing and appointment. 

Further, the Conference calls upon the Churches to press upon governments and communities their duty to promote fundamental human rights and freedoms among all their peoples. 



3 thoughts on “Finally – A Helpful Statement on Racism”

  1. thanks, cp. i got a little distracted from the message since \”lambeth\” was not something i am familiar with, so i had to google that for context and assume you are referring to the lambeth conference vs. the borough or college? (i hate to admit, but not all of your readers are as scholarly as you 🙂 …i digress, sorry…irregardless of who, what, where \”lambeth\” is, i found their words of inclusiveness and acceptance to be quite inspiring. it also saddens me that we even have to continue to bring those things to light…that promoting \”fundamental human rights\” is still something we have to be reminded of at all!

  2. Lucy,So Sorry! For us Anglicans Lambeth generally means the once every ten year conference of the world\’s Anglican bishops with the next one to be held in July of this year. Lambeth Palace is the headquarters of the Archbishop of Canterbury, known to us as the ABC, who is the titular head of the Anglican Communion. CP

  3. I, like Lucy, am saddened by the issue of \”fundamental human rights\” and EACH time I\’ve had to face it lately by sort of acquaintances (exercise class and other places that you smile and sort of get to know each other) I am crushed to realize that there are those among us who not only harbor hatred but have no problem with voicing their opinions as though all others would agree with them. I swallow and \”wade in\” hoping that my words will not alienate them but perhaps give them some cause to stop and think why a nice looking, seemingly intelligent, Christian – must be, thinks that way about a race other than her own. She doesn\’t understand – I mean they should all learn English right away and share OUR values – I mean we ARE Amurricans – argh!!! Wow, I climbed right up on that soapbox didn\’t I?:)xoxo

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