The Curmudgeon Addresses Evangelism

I just finished reading David Gortner’s book Evangelism and was delighted to at long last discover something written with an understanding of the life-long aversion that most Episcopalians have against the word. Everything he recommended was eminently doable by the ordinary pew sitting church goer, but for one thing. It all required the discipline and commitment to actually do something, and that cannot happen without decisive, competent and willing leadership. Sadly, his current research suggests that most clergy are ill equipped by training or nature or both to provide that leadership. Nor are they very good at creating the conditions under which alternative lay leadership can be discerned, raised up, equipped and empowered. It appears that we have become quite adept at using the language without actually doing the work. So where do we go from here? This Sunday is Trinity Sunday, and for most of us that means a recitation of The Great Commission. What does that mean for Episcopalians? And, if you are going to offer some answers, please don’t ramble on with the same old platitudes of excuse that have been lolling around for years sipping tea (or gin) and harrumphing. We’ve developed that to a fine art of evasion.

4 thoughts on “The Curmudgeon Addresses Evangelism”

  1. Hoo-wee! Do I get to escape the wrath of the curmudgeon by affiliating with the Methodist Church?Oh, man! I guess that \”great commission\” stuff applies to all who claim to be Christians. Let\’s have sip of wine, gin, or water AND get to it.

  2. Geezer,The Methodists were great for almost two hundred years, but they\’ve grown as lazy as us Episcopalians ever since their high water mark after WWII.CP

  3. I agree with the \”hoo-wee!\” The wrath sounds like it comes with a bullwhip too:)Lazy, timid, don\’t want to impose…..are those the words familiarly heard? Get out the glasses! Let\’s talk!

  4. The hardest part of leadership is letting people flounder and fail, YOUR plans fall apart and something unexpected happen. Drats, am I NOT in charge around here?

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