Dilbert is Real – It’s Scary

OK, the curmudgeon is back. Blundering corporate incompetence can raise my ire even on a sunny day on Maui. How do you like your cell phone provider? Mine’s Unicel, and I’ve liked them well enough because they have decent service in our rural areas out west. A couple of months ago my wife changed her service to AT&T because Santa brought her one of those iphone things. Now, two months later, Unicel decided on their own that since her service with them had been terminated, they would terminate mine also, and, apparently, for no reason other than some idiot thought it sounded like a good idea. All of a sudden, Bam!, no service on the only phone I really use. I got through to their help desk, and frequently, without too much problem. They were frequent calls because I kept getting agents who serviced only Maine, Minnesota or Missouri. They must have been on an ‘M’ kick – you know, on Tuesdays only serve customers in states that start with ‘M.’ Finally getting someone who knew that the USofA also has lands west of the Rockies, I went through three different agents, each of whom promised to help if they could just put me on hold for a moment. Do you know that their system times out after about four or five minutes of being on hold? Then it disconnects you, and you have to start all over again talking to some guy in Michigan or Maryland. The last guy I talked to said he knew what the problem was and could help, and then, pulling out his corporate “cover your ass” laundry list, started lecturing me on why it was all my fault, and that I should not have authorized the termination of my service. It’s not a priestly thing to go ballistic, especially during Lent, and it’s not pretty either. Canticle 14 may have to be my personal mantra for a while. That’s the Prayer of Manasseh, for those of you who may not be Episcopalian, and it’s in the Apocrypha for those of you with incomplete bibles. After a day of waiting I called again late this afternoon. Whoever Eric is, he’s the one who finally did not hang up on me and restored my service. I’m relieved – but not happy. So where is the sermon topic in this? Maybe something on one of Jacob or David’s hissy fits? Jesus finally blowing it with the temple merchants? The folly of being so reliant on modern technology and the need to return to a simpler way of life (keep in mind that you are reading this on the Internet)? Paul getting testy with the Corinthians and Galatians? The appalling arrogance of comparing one’s momentary discomfort with Jacob, David, Jesus or Paul?

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  1. breathe 🙂 remember you are retired AND you are in maui!!!!! i think you should have joined your wife with the iphone and att.

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