A Moment to be Nice for a Change

I’m going to take a break at honing my skills as a retired Episcopal curmudgeon. For one thing, we are still on vacation on Maui, and it’s just so doggone hard to work up a good steam of ire as tropical breezes waft through palm trees over our lanai. The thing is this; I really love our church, and get so tired of hearing nothing but clerical complaining about how bad things are when there is nothing but opportunity spread out before us like a banquet just waiting for us to come in and dine. And now, I’m going to get ready for a dinner of suhi and fine wine.

2 thoughts on “A Moment to be Nice for a Change”

  1. i hope you enjoy your banquet, you curmudgeon, you. i must admit that i have gotten behind in reading your posts. i find that i need time to think and ponder along with you and i have been a bit rushed of late. i understand that i must read them in order and that is just what i shall do. in the meantime, however, i wanted to stop by and say aloha or maybe even bon soir 🙂

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