Another Bird Story to be read only if you have nothing better to do

A few weeks ago I wrote a short piece asking where all the birds had gone.  Our multitude of birds seemed to have vanished from the neighborhood.  This afternoon I came back from an errand to find one of them in our kitchen.  No doubt scouting for a new home with more to offer than the birdhouse.  It had flown in through the garage while my wife was unloading gear from the car – not an easy way to do it – showed real determination.  Apparently it did not like what it found and wanted out. 
That side of the house has walls of windows, so it tried all of them except the wide open patio doors.  We tried various forms of shooing that produced various forms of pooping, but little else.  Eventually, taking a breather on an orchid, it was tired enough for me to hold it, momentarily, just long enough to get close to the patio doors so that when it wriggled out of my not very tight grip, it made its escape.  
And that’s our shared adventure for the day.  Our individual adventures were less dramatic.

Using a  little allegory, you can make some decent theological points out of this if you want to.  I’ll leave that up to you.  I just enjoyed holding it for a few moments, and then watching it go free.

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