It’s Good Friday but I’d rather talk about Green Times

Green is my color.  I love the green of spring and summer.  The green liturgical season of ordinary time is my favorite.  Though surrounded by high desert, we live in a green valley up against the Blue Mountains, which brings me to blue.  Deep ocean blue is a close second, so we sometimes get away to Seattle for a blue water fix.  But the best are weeks spent on Maui where greens and blues abound.  Maybe it all has to do with growing up in Minnesota surrounded by trees and always near a lake.  It took me a while to learn to love the open prairie and arid high country as well.  Summer visits in rural Kansas were a beginning, but a greater appreciation began to mature during years of business travel throughout the Northern Great Plains.  More years in New England and NYC brought it home.  As much as i enjoyed them, I developed a claustrophobic feeling not being able to see the uninterrupted horizon.  So here we are, in a green valley out in the high country of the intermountain plateau, and, thanks be to God, able to get to the ocean whenever we want. 
There is probably a theological gem in here somewhere.  If you can find it, good for you.

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