Thank You Jesus!

What an interesting set of lessons we have for this coming Sunday (August 18, 2013).  God, through the pen of Isaiah, is disgusted by the condition he has found his vineyard to be in.  The writer of Hebrews encourages perseverance of faith, but the people he holds up as examples are between questionable and despicable.  Jesus confesses that following him will lead people, who are not paying much attention anyway, straight into very personal levels of bitter conflict.  Golly, sure makes one want to be a Christian doesn’t it!
Oh well, that was then.  This is now, and God cannot possibly be unhappy with the condition of the vineyard we work in, can he?  I mean, let’s get serious, what do we have to do with real estate manipulation and housing bubbles?  Alcohol and other delights don’t distract us from what is right and good, and we hardly ever party hearty into the wee hours.  We know perfectly well that God desires justice and righteousness, and some of us have got things pretty well set up so that what is just and right for us is as close to a slam dunk as money can buy.  Maybe someday others can set things up for themselves too, as long as they don’t rock our boats, someday.  That’s progress, and God should be happy about that.  Right? 
God says that he doesn’t like and isn’t fooled by people who call good evil, and evil good, who think themselves wise and clever in their dealings with others, who are open to a little exchange of money for favors delivered, and deprive the innocent of their rights.  Honestly and truthfully, that’s not us.  Whew!  We’re safe, being the upstanding Christians that we are, and patriotic ones at that.  
It’s a relief to know that today one can be a Christian and not worry about fire, division, and conflict.  We know which way the wind is blowing and have learned how to accommodate it.  Yeah, I think we’ve got it figured out.  Thank you Jesus.

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