A Lenten Bucket List?

Have you got a bucket list?  A friend, Al by name, gave an interesting homily the other day suggesting that each of us, especially we who are older, should have a bucket list that goes beyond the self serving toward that which makes life better for both self and others.  I had never heard of a bucket list before the movie came out, one I actually saw, which is something in itself since I don’t watch many movies.  Now I often hear the phrase used to describe hopes for trips and other events that had been little more than daydreams in years gone by. 
Bucket lists and lenten disciplines have something in common, said Al.  We often talk about giving up something for Lent that has been holding us back from fullness of life.  Less often we talk about taking something on for Lent that will lead us toward greater fullness of life.  And greater fullness of life is what bucket lists are supposed to be about.
So let’s say that your lenten task this year is to come up with a bucket list of things to benefit the community, those in need, and those you love for the glory of God.  Things you can do, kind of want to do, always thought it would be a good idea to do, things you need to do before you die.  That last part probably wont inspire many younger people.  At least it would not have inspired the younger me because ‘before I die’ was an abstraction for an unlikely event sometime in the future.  But back to the question, what would you put on that list?
Remember, it’s a list in which faith is worked out in deeds that will illuminate the gospel and bring the kingdom of God a little more into the lives of others and your own life also.  What would be on it?  I’m not anticipating many answers on this site, but I’d love to see them.  Let me know. 

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