A Brief Reflection on the Passing of Lent

I am one of those who look forward to Lent as a season for quiet reflection and a slower pace of life.  It always comes as a surprise how quickly it passes, how soon it’s over, how little time I devoted to quiet reflection, and how unchanged my pace of life remained during those few brief weeks.  
Maybe that’s why I treasure Holy Week and the Great Vigil of Easter so much.  It captures the essence of Lent in seven short days.  It is not simply a matter of attending a quiet Eucharist each day, or the very intentional remembrance of the gift of holy food and drink on Thursday, or the vigil at the cross on Friday.  I also do my best to drop out of normal obligations and civic duties during Holy Week.  The United Way, Housing Authority and Diocese all get along without me.  On Saturday evening, at the Great Vigil, the darkened church offers few distractions.  The long series of lessons are given opportunity for reflection by the offering of canticles and hymns between them.  Almost too soon comes the announcement that He is Risen and Easter has arrived. 
I rejoice at the return of Alleluias, which, rather stubbornly, I will not give up after Pentecost as is the practice of some.  I rejoice at the renewal of life and hope that never died and never will.  I rejoice at the good news we are called to share.  But a part of me misses the Lent in which I did not fully participate.  And I give grateful thanks for the Holy Week that prepared me for Easter’s joy. 

3 thoughts on “A Brief Reflection on the Passing of Lent”

  1. I couldn't agree with you more Steve. I love the Vigil and this was the first time it was my responsibility to plan it because I'm on internship. The whole Triduum was phenomenal though. Maundy Thursday was amazing and just set the tone for everything else. Glad to hear I'm not alone in loving Lent. Peace.

  2. Easter greetings Ivy,Enjoy every moment of your internship. As the years go by you will remember this time as one of the most formative in your ministry. CP (Steve)

  3. Holy Week – I wanted to grab and embrace it this year as the downward run through Lent seemed shorter than ever. It seems in planning the 40 days that it is such a long time for reflection………and it's over! Trying to live into the days of the Easter season – my small journal is not growing exponentially, but it is filled with some thoughts that never made their way into the light of Lent.xo

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