The Flicker’s Revenge, part whatever

Regular readers will recall that The Flicker and I have had a difficult relationship over the years. Newcomers can check out the sidebar on the left for entries under the heading “Flicker.”  When The Flicker (hereafter known as TF) returned last fall and ignored my pebble throwing, I bought a cheap spring loaded ‘soft’ BB handgun at K-Mart to add a little oomph to my encouragement.  It took just two shots, both missing by many feet, to get the message through.  TF left for who knows where, but it wasn’t the siding on my house.  
TF came back last month with a couple of friends.  I was ready.  Out to the garage to lay  my hands on the long dormant weapon.  I guess cheap plastic ‘soft’ BB guns don’t do so well in cold garages.  I yanked back on the cocking action and the whole thing disintegrated.  This was an unexpected fulfillment of a prophecy foretold by vehement pro TF factions whose theology I found highly suspect at the time.  In any case, pebbles in hand, I did what I could and the gang left, not without screeching threats of counterattack. 
This morning, 32 miles away, at tiny little Grace Church, not more than thirty seconds into my sermon, TF started his extended drum solo on the wall behind me.  I stopped.  I looked out at all thirteen worshipers.  My wife was giggling.  Two friends who know about TF were smirking.  “Is that a Flicker,” I asked?  “I hoped you wouldn’t notice,” giggled my wife.  My two friends were now laughing.  
“The key to understanding Nicodemus,” I continued, “is… ratatatatatatratatatatratatatatratatatatratatatat…
I know the wind and Spirit will come and go from and to where we know not, and that somehow they are connected to the kingdom of heaven.  The text is, however, silent about TF, whom I suspect is an agent of another destination.  I spoke on, but in my head I was wondering where I could find a few pebbles.  At coffee I asked my wife how the sermon went.  “I don’t know,” she said, “I was a little distracted, what did you talk about?”  I asked my two friends.  “We couldn’t say,” they chortled with a couple of yucks thrown in.  Humbled by a flicker!  Even Paul didn’t have to put up with that. 

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  1. LOL! In spite of trying to exhibit compassion for all human beings, I can't help but chuckle regarding your adventures with TF.Thanks for sharing the latest episode.

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