Pondering Question

I’m pondering a piece on the ethics of Wikileaks and kindred sites.  That also has to consider the practical question of what conversations and information are best kept reasonably confidential so that candid thoughts can be shared and complex issues worked out through the sifting of bad ideas, good ideas and crazy ideas.  

Maybe you already have some thoughts on the matter and would like to drop me a line, which you can do either here as a comment or in a “private” e-mail.  In any case, what you offer may influence what I eventually write, so have at it.  

3 thoughts on “Pondering Question”

  1. You have touched upon one of the most complex and important issues in ethics (and one most neglected): When is it NOT the right, moral and correct thing to tell, reveal, or publish the Truth, even when you know it (or think you do)? This needs much discussion; it is not simple. Both Socrates and Bonhoeffer dealt with that question, and of course, most famously, Ecclesiastes said, To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under Heaven. Not every time is right for \”full disclosure\”, such as when you are \”outing\” a diplomat, whose job needs discretion and tact (and sometimes, secrecy). We all know that sometimes total frankness is not kind or wise. Dr B

  2. CP, a very happy Christmas to you and yours, and I hope you get more comments on this very important topic of Truth and total openness. Dr B

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