A Happy Anniversary

Today is our anniversary, the 25th to be exact.  We were married twenty-five years ago in a small ceremony presided over by our four teenage children who wondered what would become of them in this Brady family arrangement that they both wanted and feared.  We, on the other hand, were scared to death and hopeful that we were doing the right thing.  Here we are, twenty-five years later, still celebrating our honeymoon, taking utter delight in each other, and somewhat amazed at how well our kids survived and prospered into successful adult lives of their own.  What can I say except thanks be to God.

9 thoughts on “A Happy Anniversary”

  1. woohoo!! this brings tears to my eyes 🙂 i've definitely reaped benefits from this union… btw – we celebrate 23 on friday. xo

  2. Long-distance congratulations to a delightful couple on their 25th! Here's wishing you lots more happy years together!

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