A Cockroach Question

It’s what we have experienced for several years now.  No geckos chirping around our rented condo.  Only a few sparrows begging for food at the lanai.  That means no bugs.  That means lots of pesticide spraying.  Hawaii is in the tropics, and that means bugs, especially BIG cockroaches.  But tourists don’t like bugs in their rented condos, especially BIG cockroaches, so that means lots of pesticide spraying, and that means no geckos and no birds except a few begging sparrows.  It’s too bad.  The beauty of these manicured grounds seem the worse for it.  Don’t get me wrong; I don’t much like cockroaches no matter what size they come in.  But I do like the diversity of nature that depends on a few bugs here and there to get things going.  And, I greatly appreciate that one of our favorite hiking trails now has an abundance of signs asking people to stay on the trail in order not to disturb the native ground nesting birds; that invasive species of shrubbery have been taken out to make room for native plants; that a popular trail trespassing on sacred ground has been taken off the trail maps.  It’s called stewardship.

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  1. Oh I don't know, I think it is a very good post. I love hearing about stewardship being more than extending your pledge beyond 10 percent. It is so well refreshing.

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