Thinking Mindlessly

I’m on Maui trying to have coherent thoughts about theology, economics or politics but so far all I’m coming up with is sushi, whale watching and snorkeling.  However, I did bring along my ancient copy of The Nature and Destiny of Man that I last read in 1993 and intend to do so again over the next couple of weeks.  We’ve been coming to these islands for almost thirty years and, for me, it is my spiritual retreat, my place of restoration.  So maybe I’ll write about that.  Or maybe I’ll write about my favorite church here, Holy Innocents in Lahaina.  Not many years ago it was a struggling congregation limping along from one temporary clergy to another.  Today it is a vibrant, spirit filled and growing congregation.  The story of how that came to be is worth telling.  Or perhaps I’ll write about how I came to love a place and culture not my own and with which I can claim no kinship.  We shall see. 

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  1. These words: retreat, restoration, rejuvenate have come up for me several days now. Thank you for this post. I am in need of an oasis myself.

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