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I want an Apple iPad!  I don’t need one.  I can get along very well without one.  But I want one just the same.  It’s not a matter of conspicuous consumption.  No, it’s entirely different.  It’s just such a cool toy, and, at my advanced age, it resurrects the same feelings I had as a little boy paging through the toy section of the Sears catalogue to find the one special toy that lit up my imagination and fantasies.  The iPad is that toy: an absolutely unnecessary gadget to be had for no other reason than the fun I can anticipate, in spite of the wisdom of age that reminds me that toys seldom deliver a full measure of anticipated fun.  I want an Apple iPad.  The big problem is, who can I go whine to until they either give in or send me to my room?  I could talk to God about this, but I already know his answer.  Maybe I could ask Joel Osteen.

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  1. I want one, too! I'm not even a big techie person, but I watched Steve Jobs' whole presentation of it last night and I haven't been able to stop thinking about it since. I have all kinds of ways that I can rationalize this purchase. If I get the iPad, I can give my laptop to my 13 yr old who is getting to the point where he needs his own computer. I keep envisioning myself in multiple different situation, whipping out my iPad and people going, \”Oh, look at that. She's got an iPad.\” (It's exactly what we did when we saw people with iPhones.) The thing that really sells me on this product is the IBooks. It's gorgeous. Light years better than the Kindle. Oh, well. Maybe this wanting will subside soon. It's like having a crush! If I just wait it out, maybe it will go away.

  2. I don't know if I want one or not, BUT after watching the presentation yesterday, I had to stop and think, what is it about I Pad that generated so much excitement?My answer?Hope!Pure and simpleWhat have we seen that has given us hope for the future lately? Apple is doing a great job of highlighting the promise of technology. A future that can be clean and useful, not hulking and scary. To use the i Pad one doesn't need to know complicated languages, or have shelves of books necessary to maintain or figure out how to use it. It is versatile, relatively small, clean looking, and greener than most anything out there.Hope for the future went on display yesterday, demonstrated by a thing, a new thing.

  3. methinks you are a big boy and wonder if you will have new said toy in hand when i see you next?!?!? i bet andy would get you one if you drive him to the store and let him borrow your credit card.

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