Colds, Sermons and Glenn Beck

Sitting around the house with a cold is a drag.  At least H1N1 or pneumonia of some kind would earn some bragging rights at the weekly woe-is-me gathering.  But a cold is just a cold.  According to the tevelvision commercials I should be able to take any one of a number of remedies and wake up smiling, feeling great and jaunting off to work, no doubt infecting everyone I met.  For me, it doesn’t work that way.  With or without snake oil my energy level declines to near zero.  My IQ sinks to well below dull normal.  Not a cretive thought enters my mind.  I can sit and stare for hours at the televison, even if it’s off.  Two or three pages of a book put me to sleep.  My beloved crossword puzzles become trials that would baffle the NSA.  My throat is sore, my eyes are bleary and my voice sqeaks.  I’ve been trying to prayerfully ponder the lessons for tomorrow.  It seems to me that the key to tomorrow’s lectionary reading is the word ‘knowledge’, and while I can imagine why that is true, it’s an image that comes without words.  
Do you suppose that Jesus ever got a cold?  He certainly got a little testy here and there.  Maybe he just didn’t feel very well.  I figure Paul had a cold when he wrote Second Corinthians considering how he flipfloped between profession of his love for them and irritability beyond measure.  Stephen must certainly have had a cold on that fateful day; otherwise why would he have gone on and on lecturing those rabbis on what they already knew.  I’ll bet poor Glenn Beck is suffering from a permanent cold.  It would explain everything.  A little Nyquil, a good night’s sleep, and he might become a really cheerful guy skipping down the sidewalk on his way to a happy day at work.  
Tomorrow I’ll go to Grace Church and squeak out a sermon on why knowldege is what you need to know about to understand Advent.   I’m sure it will make more sense tomorrow than it does now.  On the other hand, most of the congregation can’t hear very well anyway so it might not matter.  I’ll use lots of hand sanitizer before celebrating the Eucharist and probably abstain from distribution, turning that over to a couple of lay people who may or may not be licensed to do that, but as long as there are no canon lawyers around I won’t worry about it.   In the meantime I’m going to try to finish the Saturday crossword and read a few pages of “Preaching the Atonement” (Stevenson & Wright).  Someone told me it was an easy read.  You think? 

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