If it Floats

If it floats I like being on it. I don’t know why. I knew it the first time I paddled a cement-mixing tub on the creek where I grew up. Anything will do. I don’t care if it’s a rowboat or an ocean liner. I had a boat of some kind from the time I was in high school until my late 30s when I moved to the east coast and it was too expensive to own one. The best thing about NYC was an occasional ride on the Staten Island Ferry. Visiting Seattle or heading off to Vancouver, BC is most fulfilling when celebrated on a ferryboat. That may have something to do with why I enjoyed our recent cruise as much as I did. The sounds and movement of the ship rejoiced my whole being. Maybe it helps that I never served in the Navy. My dad did, and it took him close to fifty years to decide on a cruise. It helped that the liner was not a destroyer and the likelihood of being attacked was slight, but it brought back memories just the same. As it turned out, he and mom went on to other cruises and enjoyed every one of them. As for me, if we ever live close enough to the water again I’d like to have a little sailboat, maybe around 19ft., just to go out and mess around in the late afternoon on a summer day. In the meantime it’s ferryboats and cruise liners.

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  1. It's wheels for me: bicycles, motorcycles, cars, trucks, busses, … The fun increases as the difference from the reasonable device for transportation increases.

  2. If you wanted to coin a Greek based word for your love of all bodies of water, you could call yourself hydrophiliac, but that sounds like a clinical condition! Since the sea is a special favorite,perhaps your affection is thalassophilia! Somewhat strangely, Latin is not as suited for making compound new words, but prefers short phrases, and that accounts for why most scientific words are coined first in Greek, then sometimes Latinized in spelling. There is no graceful aquaeamor or marisamor for those two words above! Dr B

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