Don’t Spoil Them

One day on our Mediterranean sojourn I overheard a woman (American) instruct her husband not to tip the room stewards too much: “You’ll spoil them if you tip too much.” My own thought was that these persons work very hard to make your life, and mine, easy and comfortable, so who is being spoiled here? That was not the norm for most of the Americans and Canadians we fell in with, but it symbolized an attitude that we have been warned about since the days of Amos, Isaiah and Jeremiah. It’s the seductive notion that somehow “we” are a unique species better than “them.” My former parish is sponsoring a workshop today called “Hidden in Plain Sight.” It’s about exploring how that seductive notion can be a part of our own thinking without our knowing it. I, of course, do not need to attend since I am clean of the prejudices that infect those who need to be there. What about you?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Spoil Them”

  1. did i hear a chuckle after that last full sentence? please say 'yes' :-)and where are the pictures???? this would be a perfect place for your lovely boat pic.oh, and Aaaarrrrggghhhhh to the \”them and us\” mentality! sounds like a great workshop.

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