Escape to the Cave

We leave in less than a week for a couple of days in Rome and then a sampling of a few of the ancient sites in Greece, with special anticipation for the new museum near the Acropolis. Blog posts could be few over the next sseveral weeks. Maybe this is my escape to Elijah’s cave, the one where I hear the still small voice telling me to go back home and get to work. But what an escape. I’m eager to go.

7 thoughts on “Escape to the Cave”

  1. Forget Elijah, forget the cave…enjoy your escape…and then when you least expect it, you just might hear the voice of God! God has a way of doing that.

  2. The \”still small voice\” that Elijah heard at the entrance to his cave, which has become the classic translation, is only found in the beloved King James Version (which you have reproached me for loving!). The awful New Revised Standard Version (which is not really a translation at all, but a modernized, politically correct paraphrase!) has it as \”after the fire a sound of sheer silence\”! I am forced to use the NRSV because the others in our study group use it, and they would hoot and boo me like those attending a town meeting on health care reform if I did such a reactionary thing as bring the KJV to the class! Since there is not even a copy of it in our meeting room (!) I may bring one for occasional reference in the future. My best wishes for a happy trip to Greece and Rome for you two! Dr B

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