Olan Mills?

Tell me about your Olan Mills experiences over the lat few years, and in particular whether you have had any feedback on satisfaction with their style of photography, the poses they use, the background screen colors and patterns and the like. Thanks.

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  1. Formulaic.But they work for most people. You may want to compare prices with other establishments that use a similar formula, Sears, JC Penny, etc.

  2. We are unhappy with Olan Mills photography, less with their dated style of photo posing than with their business methods and especially, their exorbitant prices. I always, involuntarily, called to mind the words of Christ driving the moneychangers out of the temple! I know that the church gets a valuable service in having a picture directory made, but I do think that many people probably feel under pressure to buy at least a few exremely high priced photos that we really cannot afford. We do not intend to participate in the next Olan Mills picture visit to St. Pauls. Dr B

  3. The characters in the pictures are generally recognizable. Having the directory pictures created by Olan Mills is better than having no pictures at all. I hope I don't look as bad in real life as I did in their rendering. I know most of the other people in the church don't look as bad in person as they do in their directory pictures.

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