Tea Party Invitations

What an interesting day! I seem to be on a Tea Party e-mail list and have received invitations to attend Town Hall meetings with members of congress in Grand Junction, CO and El Dorado, AR. Both invitations emphasize that HR 3200 would enable massive federal tax subsidies for abortions and demand that members of congress who have not been listening will be forced to listen now. I’ll say this for them, they have thoroughly read and learned well from Saul Alinsky (that nasty old South-side Chicago Socialist), and they just might pull off killing this legislation. It will be a shameful moment and drive America further toward becoming a former great power, but they will have won.

5 thoughts on “Tea Party Invitations”

  1. One of the problems in arguing with the tea baggers, et al., is the legislation itself. I have a copy of HR 3200 as introduced but not all of the amendments that have been suggested, nor have I seen any of the committee marks. Like most others, I have to rely on trusted sources for information, and my trusted sources are not those of the tea baggers.CP

  2. Allan,Agreed! So I figure if we meet half way (by way of compromise of course) we will have our beer brawl in Rapid City, SD. I think we could get a good turnout.CP

  3. The Democratic National Committee called me today and although I resist giving pledges to a phone call, I'm going to their site and send some cash over the internet. This health care issue is waaaaaaayyyyy out of hand. I don't wear a liberal hat:)…..but the \”conservative\” (nothing conservative about them!!!!) organizers to kill health reform are nothing but fear mongers. They're certainly raised fear in me that one of them is going to kill a perfectly good congress person before this is all over! How tragic that will be

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