A Brief Hiatus Again

Two suicides, the grave side service for one of them, my minor participation in one of the investigations and hundreds of thoughts about family dynamics, lost sheep, the Good Shepherd and more are tumbling through my mind crowding out any writing I might otherwise do. And these are things I cannot write about without jeopardizing confidences and the well being of others. I think I’ll pet the dog, do a crossword and finish reading Callahan’s book on stewardship.

4 thoughts on “A Brief Hiatus Again”

  1. i think i have heard of people spontaneously combusting from holding much less than is on your plate…sounds like finding a qualified \”confidante\” (other than andy) might be a great addition to your recharging list…i, too, am holding you and your community in my prayers.

  2. I concur with L's comment re a confidante – physician heal thyself might be interpreted as – go find a shrink or a good priest and pour it out:))) Guess who?!!

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