The Bedtime Nooze

I started watching CNN news this evening. The first announcement was that the story of the week was the death and funeral of Michael Jackson. The G-8? Russia? Ghana? China? I switched to a program about underwater hockey at the University of BC (that’s British Columbia for some of you). More relevant.

2 thoughts on “The Bedtime Nooze”

  1. \”When fact is fiction and TV reality\”Is the time we occupy. We shed tears for the hungry over there, the ones we hear about or see in images, and fail to be Christ to those we encounter over here. We shed tears for a death of one we know only in electrons, and barely notice the missing of the checker at our market. We worry that we will not have access to luxury and barely notice the dwindling access to basic necessities and health care of our neighbors. We follow with intensity and share with our co workers and friends the latest TV drama, worrying over the trials of our character of choice never sharing the dramas of life that go on a few houses down, never offering a hug to the sad and lonely child of God who crosses our path.The electronic eyes and ears we wear have designed electronic gloves for our hands. Reality has stretched thin perhaps to the breaking point, and our reality has become electrons projected on the cave wall, manipulated by other than the God of creation, the God of truth.Fact is fictionTV is reality

  2. Bruno,I am saddened for those whose most important reality is who wins American Idol, whose life is a public trash heap, and what the final episode of xxx will be.CP

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