And Now For Something You’ll Really LIke

We like sparrows and our two bird houses have been churning them out by the dozens. Yeah I know, they’re common and boring but we really like them. I’ve always wondered what happens when a fledgling takes that very first plunge out of the nest, and this afternoon I saw it. Three came tumbling out at almost the same time. For a split second tumbling is what they did. Then with a flurry of flaps it was flight time – smack into a wood fence. I guess, like toddlers of most species, they’re made of rubber because they just bounced off and headed the other way in a chorus of chirps.

Yesterday we saw another fledgling standing on the roof of one of the bird feeders trying to figure out how to get down to the ledge where the seeds were. It tried going forward, then took a shot at backing up, turned around a few times and finally opted for whatever had fallen on the ground. Yet two others on a limb were still getting hand fed by a parent. I have a couple of relations like that.

I love sitting out on the patio watching these birds. There’s nothing like it. A portion of our Daily Office gives thanks to God for our creation, preservation and all the blessings of this life. One of the great blessings of my life is to rejoice in the presence of God’s many creations just by watching what is around wherever I am.

8 thoughts on “And Now For Something You’ll Really LIke”

  1. I guess that this essay is the farthest you have ever written away from politics, economics, and theology! I was a little mystified as to exactly how the little dog\’s presence \”keeps you out of trouble\” because you are \”a man of a certain age\”, but I guess I can stand for that detail to remain a mystery.

  2. i get the \”keeping out of trouble\” bit…my dear sweet hubby misses our big old dog for a variety of reasons…the one you allude to here being one :-)i was going to say \”no comment\” but then read your comments and couldn\’t resist.

  3. Thank you all for your willingness to engage in some nonsense. It\’s such a relief from election coverage, and I just could not get up the energy needed to delve into the Beatitudes, the lessons for today. But I did offer a pretty decent sermon on them, according to my principle critics.CP

  4. Every year we get a whole host of robins at my parents' house. Every late spring / early summer the speckled little robins hop around, expecting Mom and Dad Robin to feed them, and the parents try as hard as they can to get their little child to fly and find their own food. Strangely, this year the babies are HUGE! We've seen multiple robin toddlers that are bigger than the adults!

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