Why do I write? Darned if I know.

I’ve been thinking about why I write this blog at all.  I’m not sure I remember why I started except that I think it had something to do with my wife suggesting it.  It began mostly as a writing exercise without much interest in who my readers might be or what they might think about it.  It’s not really a personal journal.  I’m not much interested on line group therapy, and I’m not very good at telling pithy stories with a great moral at the end.  For me it has become a platform for sharing ideas on things theological, economic and political with an eye toward developing something like a conversation with anyone who might be interested.  My only disappointment has been the discovery that none of the other clergy in my diocese read, or are even slightly interested in reading, what I have to say.  But then, why should they?  I’m sure that what I have to think and say is of no more value than what they have to think and say, and invitations to log on and wade into online conversation around the subjects I choose can appear, if nothing else, presumptuous in the extreme.  On the other hand, I’ve been blessed by several regular readers who have had important, insightful things to say, and if I ever get to Southern California or up into Manitoba I’d like to meet a couple of them face-to-face.  

18 thoughts on “Why do I write? Darned if I know.”

  1. But Jesus said to them, \”There is no Prophet without honour except in his own country, and among his own relatives, and in his own home.\”

  2. Hey CPWhat am I chopped liver? I am not conventionally religious but I get a lot out of your log and read it daily! I like the biblical part best. We old Guys need stimulation!Thank you for your blog.You started me blogging. And you give a bang up prayer.

  3. OldG,Where do you suppose that chopped liver line originated? In some places you add a little chopped onion and egg and you\’ve got yourself a delicacy.CP

  4. From amiawakeyetChopped liver insignificant? Oh-no-no! (Especially during the digestive process – Oy!)No – the reason chopped liver is used in the analogy (correct usage, \”So? Vat am I? Chopped livah?,\” accompanied by half shrug) is that it is omnipresent*, therefore easily taken for granted. A subtle, but important difference. In correct usage the saying implies the sayer\’s sense of self-significance and conveys an appropriate load of guilt for one so thoughtless as to forget. The sayee is to infer that he/she is real schmuck for taking one so significant for granted. *Or was, in the old days, before The Most Expensively-Catered Bar Mitzvah Spread Wins (shhh – don\’t mention we got wholesale!) tradition got started. (I like it!)

  5. Yes, it is humbling to find those who have no interest in what we write… and scary to find there are some who do have interest. I\’m glad you write and always benefit when I stop by. I liked your post on why funerals are important. Peace to you.

  6. Well CP, if you ever get down to South California, I would hope to visit with you also. I am sure there are many who would enjoy an afternoon or evening or both sharing conversation and thoughts about where we are and where we are headed and no doubt a few laughs. There is much joy in community, I count you and SS as part of mine.I don\’t care WHY you write, I care that you DO write, keep it upPeaceBruno

  7. Ah Bruno, the assumptions we make. I had you somewhere south in CA. As it is, we are HOPING to take a car trip to the Four Corners area via the inland route through CA and then back up via Durango and Edwards, CO.CP

  8. Dang! I\’m wandering all over the continent in the wrong places. I wonder if a cranial GPS implant would help? I think I\’ll go outside to look at the mailbox and see if I\’m in the right house. All of this does remind me that nine years ago when we told friends in NYC that we were moving to Walla Walla, Washington, they asked if that was anywhere near the White House.

  9. By the way, isn\’t a Saskatchewan one of those long handled things with something like fingers on the end of it that is used to get to those hard to reach places? They usually come with a handy storage pot called a Saskatoon, right?

  10. CP, You are VERY Close!Right on the money in fact. If your trip becomes a reality, I would love to get together.We are right on old route 66.

  11. Long car trips are something new to us. We sketched out two possibilities for places we very much want to visit. One is south with the high point being the Four Corners area. The other is north taking in Glacier National Park and Banff. We also blocked out June 9 through 19 as possible dates. Tomorrow we go to AAA to work out a detailed map to include drive times and stop-overs. Right now we are thinking the Southern trip is it.

  12. Well, if you don\’t like it you know, you can always stop. I think there are enough folks who stop by with or without comment to buoy your bubble – so write on. In the words of a wonderful friend – you aren\’t called to count \’em, you\’re called to feed \’em:)xoxoxo

  13. As one of your (almost) daily readers, Steve, I find spirit here, spirited comments, spirited responses, moments that have provoked me to try to clarify–in a response–just what touched, what moved, what called on and out. Thanks!

  14. I diagnose that you have a case of cabin fever. Go south and expand your horizens and feel the freedom.oldgianni

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