Boat Illegally Sinks

I generally rely on the BBC to be a quiet and reasonable voice of the news with that peculiar British penchant for grammatical correctness.  Which left me wondering at this morning’s unpunctuated headline:

“A boat packed with more than 250 migrants heading for Europe illegally sinks off Libya, reports from Libya and Egypt say.”

I had no idea there were legal and illegal ways for a boat to sink and hope they say more about that.

2 thoughts on “Boat Illegally Sinks”

  1. Well, I should hope that a boat with passengers, sinking would be illegal! And I would suppose that a boat with sinking passengers would be illegal also, as they could be the cause of the boat sinking. Then again, if it was the intention of the passengers to go out on a boat and sink, and providing that it didn\’t hurt anybody else, I guess it could be made legal, but then that could just be a slippery slope. We could highly regulate sinking boats, and I suppose sinking passengers.I think I will have to pray on this.

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