Spring May Come Afterall

We’ve had an exceptionally long, harsh winter for our little valley.  The snow is supposed to stay up in the mountains, but it kept coming down here.  The cold is supposed to stay up there too, but slid down into the valley as if no one cared.   This afternoon I looked out the kitchen window to rejoice in the crocuses blooming, with other spring bulbs not far behind.  Willows are starting to look like they are ready to turn, there are huge buds on our tulip tree, and both bird houses have prospective residents paying daily visits.  Spring might come this year after all. 

1 thought on “Spring May Come Afterall”

  1. Funny, I feel the same way, both literally, spiritually and culturally. Time to get our hands dirty and spend some sweat making spring bountiful for all to enjoy.

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