A Lenten Pass on the News (mostly)

I love Lent as a season for introspection and deeper levels of prayer but am not very good at giving things up.  However, for this Lenten season I’m going to pay as little attention to the news as possible.  For a political news junkie like me that might seem odd, but right now I’m tired of all the blowhard punditry that is seldom right but never in doubt.  The economic columnists are no better, and the cable news economic commentators are the worst of all when it comes to anything approaching accuracy.  So a pox on all of them.  That does not mean that I will give up the comics, a quick read of my favorite daily news summaries, or possibly a scan through The Week, and I may look in on Rachel Maddow now and then just because I like her style.  My local daily doesn’t count since it usually takes only three or four minutes for a really thorough read.  In addition to giving up secular political news, I think I’ll toss in anything that has to do with church politics as well.  

4 thoughts on “A Lenten Pass on the News (mostly)”

  1. wiseI have been tossing around the idea that so much \”news\” really keeps us from being present to the issues that surround us, and thus keep us from doing the work in immediate relationship to the REAL world that surrounds us. The same with technology that requires more care and feeding than it should, a time sink perhaps, a spirit sink too?

  2. I think it\’s good to fast from the news as you are doing. I did it one Lent, and it cleared out my head.Peace to you.

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