It’s Storming. I Want My Money Back!

I wonder what first time visitors to these islands think when they run into the weather we are having now.  This morning I woke up, as usual, a bit before dawn to begin Morning Prayer.  The wind was howling with a hard rain.  Furniture on the lanai was being moved around.  It looks like the day could bring more of the same.  Locals are complaining that we tourists may think it’s warm, but they are freezing their okole off (sorry, can’t add the diacritical marks for okole).

We’ve been visitors here for many years so not getting onto the beach today is no big deal.  But what a disappointment for some.  Enough disappointment to drive them to the anger of Jonah complaining to God about the heat, lack of shade, and the undependable bush that had given some for a short time.  “They promised the tropics, I came for the tropics, I paid for the tropics and I want my money back!”  Isn’t that a bit like saying, “I want the weather to do my bidding or I’ll throw a hissy fit?”  Isn’t that a bit like the way we too often approach far too many events in our lives?  Come on now, be honest; you know it is.   Maybe it would be a good topic for Lenten discussion and meditation.  

In the meantime, consider a somewhat revised portion of the Song of the Three Young Men (Apocrypha) that is a part of our office of Morning Prayer for Saturdays:  “Glorify the Lord, every shower of rain and fall of dew, all winds and fire and heat.  Winter and summer glorify the Lord, praise him and highly exalt him forever.”

8 thoughts on “It’s Storming. I Want My Money Back!”

  1. The post is great – I am thankful we\’ve been to Maui enough to \”understand\” the rain and not feel cheated by it. I might be having a little more prayer time with the Lord this a.m. if I thought the storm would prevail for a whole vacation experience:(…….I know, I know, it\’s pointless but the disappointed tourists would certainly not be the first fist God had seen raised – there\’s a rumor He/She, you know what I mean, can take it!

  2. I think this weather is grand and energizing. It\’s much better than the oppressive heat of summers and autumns in Hawaii. Of course, living here year round I know that the sun will be back \”tomorrow\”.

  3. The Song of the Three Young Men was perfectly suited for us here in Omaha today, too. It snowed last night and was rather windy today, but even the not so pleasant weather can praise the Lord.

  4. ahhh, i feel much better now. we\’ve had two perfectly beautiful days in seattle…following the snow we received on thursday. no need to raise the fist, it will change soon enough…but rain on a hawaiian vacation when you only have a few days? now that\’s a bummer. it\’s easy for you almost locals to settle in and enjoy the rain, but think about the poor blokes from chicago who saved all year for some sunshine in february. where\’s your compassion?

  5. One thing we tell people who say they want to go to Hawaii for the first time is to think about going in the fall or late spring when the weather is more dependable. January – March can be, and usually is, terrific, but storms happen.

  6. If you want to see photos of me, go to the airport security in Hawaii, I am sure they have them posted with a \”SEND BACK TO THE MAINLAND\” notice. This is because on my last 3 visits they have been hit by hurricanes, usually where I was staying. The time before that they were hit with a record cold spell, oh well, I thought it was lovely, though a bit scary on each of my visits.

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