New Adventures & Overcoming Fear

Almost everyone of a certain age or older knows what a Humuhumunukunuku apu a’a does; it goes swimming by.  One granddaughter was willing to learn that song as long as she didn’t have to come face to face with one in the water.  Until now, swimming was great as long as no fish were around.  But in the last three days we’ve accomplished something of a transformation.  Slowly at first, but now with more boldness, we go out together into deeper and deeper water seeking out all the fish of the reef.  She’s become reasonably comfortable with a mask and snorkel, and has even managed a couple of shallow dives.  She wasn’t too keen on the large Spotted Trunkfish that kept coming near to let us know we were infringing on territory.  And she hasn’t quite got the hang of flippers yet, so I end up towing her a bit.  But the point is that she’s now eager to go.  In fact, this afternoon she even went without me or grandma into fairly shallow water to look around on her own (with her older sister nearby).  We have two more grandchildren who are yet a bit young for this, but they have grown up with a surfing father and lots of water time, so maybe they’ll start a little earlier too.

3 thoughts on “New Adventures & Overcoming Fear”

  1. What a great experience for granddaughter! There\’s such a fascinating world underwater, and I wish I were more comfortable exploring it. She\’s lucky to have a granddad who will help her gently nudge boundaries of comfort and reap such rich rewards.Thanks for sharing the story.

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