Flicker, Part Three

Regular readers will recall several posts about my flicker – the flicker that pecked a large hole in the side of my house and took up winter residency. Apparently he/she is now intent on creating a duplex, because he/she is busy working on another flicker sized hole. Now I’m a peaceable man and not prone to violence, but I’m seriously thinking of buying an air rifle to aid in, how shall I say it, serving a rather abrupt eviction notice. As Rachel Maddow says, I need to be talked down on this.

4 thoughts on “Flicker, Part Three”

  1. So what is the correct response? Gaza and Israel, Graffiti artists and property owners. Life has a way of challenging our ideas. Coyotes and small pets has challenged my center place. Communion primates and autonomy to do mission where church is planted. Life is wonderful isn\’t it? no pat answers, no easy way to just glide by.It is a growth opportunity, which ever way you choose to solve this \”problem\” situation, opportunity.God is with you any way you go, Wonderful isn\’t it!

  2. I have a pellet gun/air rifle, but I won\’t lend it to you! I got it several years ago when some saucy crows were raiding my hen house and stealing eggs. They were bold and shameless, afraid of nothing. After renewing my old army sharpshooting skill by shooting at cardboard targets, I took the gun out to show the crows, high in the trees. I never even shot at one; they all stayed away once they saw the air gun! (Only later did I read in the paper that even an air gun is illegal to shoot in the city limits, though legal in the county!) Crows are smarter than we might think! I don\’t know your woodpecker, but it sounds very smart to me. I wish you luck on finding out how to save your house from its predations! Dr. Bill

  3. Bruno – I\’m not sure I like your style of encouragement here:) From Mrs. CP (also known as SS)Anonymous (thinkly veiled that you are) I\’m glad to know that you\’ve escaped the local authorities so far. This air rifle thing does not intrigue me!Mrs. CP:)

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