A General Question About Trains???

If you have had an experience with a cross continent train ride, would you please share it with me.  Did you take the Canadian or U.S. route; east to west or west to east?  What time of year?  Would you do it differently?  Was it worthwhile?  Did you enjoy it?

2 thoughts on “A General Question About Trains???”

  1. CP, Only in Europe and I really liked it, but then I HATE flying. It is not for everybody though. you have to be able to relax, enjoy reading, listening to music etc, .

  2. The Geezer and I did a \”transcontinental\” the short way… south to north! In the late \’80\’s, we rode the Amtrak Sunset Limited along the West Coast from Los Angeles to Seattle with a two-day stay in San Francisco along the way, and we had a grand time! I think I\’d like to do the trans-Canada trip someday (no preference on direction), although I\’m not sure it\’s actually a Bucket List item. Whichever direction you choose to go, be sure to find out about/consider what points of interest, if any, you\’d miss by passing them at night. Good luck with the plans, and whenever you go, bon voyage!

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