An Experiment for Gaza

To continue the thought started below, the church has been urging us to do what we can for peace in Gaza.  Now what on earth might be helpful?  Well, if Mr. Olmert decides to ask my opinion on the matter I might suggest the following.

You are already deep in combat with no easy way out and a long way yet to go.  How about if you rebuild everything behind you, fill it with food and fuel,  and well equipped schools and hospitals.  Then open up everything in front of you to a massive, overwhelming inflow of food, water and medical supplies.  It probably won’t stop the Hamas rockets or crowds of stone throwers, at least for a while, but in exchange for each rocket toss in a new clinic, rebuilt store or load of books for children.  Every time a stone is thrown, toss back a loaf of bread; heck, toss two.  I know it sounds crazy, but every one from Isaiah to Jesus to Paul gave the same prescription and said they got it directly from God.  Who knows?  Maybe God is right.  Couldn’t hurt to try.

Do I think there is even a remote chance of anyone actually doing something that crazy?  No, of course not.  We will simply continue the time tested patterns of insanity that have become tradition.  They haven’t worked in five thousand years, but maybe this time they will.

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