And Now For Something Completely Different

Let’s set theology aside for a moment to ponder a truly important question.  What do dogs think?  My Andy is a close observer of clothing.  He watches me take it off and put it on, every item, some with close inspection.  Does he wonder why humans put their fur on and take it off so often?  Does he wonder why they keep changing colors, textures and smells?  Does he find the human behavior in our household acceptable if extremely odd in every way?  I know he thinks we are not too bright.  For instance, we cannot be allowed to go to the bathroom by ourselves, and we are totally ignorant of the obvious fact that there is more chicken on the kitchen counter just barely out of his reach.  These are weighty matters, are they not?  


5 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Different”

  1. this is theology,(see radical welcome) Does any of this really matter? or does he just accept that we are who God made us, and none of our silliness is too serious in the larger scheme of things?I often think dogs know the great \”I AM\” much better than we.

  2. Perhaps it is inevitable that Andy would be the more profound theologian. Dogs and children are capable of simply accepting God\’s grace God\’s generosity and God\’s presence. We foolish adult humans keep trying to comprehend the incomprehensible.

  3. Andy could teach you about church politics . Many is the times that I had to roll over and play dead!

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