Cold Enough?

There is nothing like coming home from a wonderful Christmas holiday and then developing a bad cold.  It takes the steam out of everything and reduces IQ by about half.  At this point even Square Bob Sponge Pants (or whatever he’s called) looks mildly interesting.  Fortunately, I’ve got a friend slugging his way through a deep commentary on a portion of Luke, and each morning he sends me a new entry to read.  If nothing else, it keeps my mind occupied trying to decipher it enough to make sense to my cold addled brain.  The fact is, I’m not a good patient.  I’m tired, cranky, bored and dumb all at the same time.  And, if I hear one more person tell me I should have taken Airborne, I’ll poke’em in the eye with a Zicam stick.  So the most interesting thing I can think of right now is how long it will take a metaphor like “take the steam out” to loose all meaning for generations that have never known a steam engine?  For that matter, I wonder what metaphors from the first half of the 20th century are already lost.  I should be close to the end of this adventure  by now and so look forward to church tomorrow, and it’s a good thing I’m not the one preaching.

1 thought on “Cold Enough?”

  1. If I am stricken with anything that reduces my IQ by half, I will surely be institutionalized. I hope they choose a nice place. or that I really don\’t notice.I send my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Keep those ears clean, and be sure you don\’t overheat the metal before cleaning. (Ouch!)

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