Home Again on the Fifth Day of Christmas

Home again, home again, jiggidy jig.  Although we did not buy a fat pig, we did have an amazing week with grandchildren and their family.  I will admit that with airline travel as unpleasant as it is under normal circumstances, it’s a madhouse at Christmas.  Once airborne the planes are as one would expect.  It’s the airport scene that reminds me of some of the scariest parts of Dante’s work.  I half expected to see that sign over the entrance, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.”  Surrounded by thousands of people desperately trying to get somewhere, anywhere, in the face of missed flights and cancellations, we were a little surprised to have made it without any serious hitch.  Some might be inclined to say that God smiled on us, but I doubt it because that would mean God was not smiling on all those thousands of others, and that’s just not the way God works.  We are thankful to God, however, for the blessings of life, home and family, and for the joy of celebrating again the Incarnation of God in Jesus Christ.  The great mystery of this event, the birth, life, teaching, death and resurrection of Jesus, is the source of all hope that does not disappear in the trash with ripped wrapping paper and denuded trees.  We don’t have to wait another year for another brief moment of saccharine desire for a better world.  The salvation of the world is with us now, it has been accomplished, it is finished, and on that I have staked my life.  Merry Christmas!

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  1. things went great! we added a new tradition of reading the Christmas story and sharing Christmas memories…it\’s sort of predictable and cheesy [sort of], but it\’s a start! thanks for asking!

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