Clergy Days with the Bishop

We had one of our occasional clergy days gatherings today.  Clergy days are held around the diocese to gather geographically grouped clergy together for a meeting with the bishop.  So we gathered, about fifteen of us, at a nearby church only 60 miles away for me, a bit farther for others and not even 150 miles for the bishop.  We talked about the recent diocesan convention, a meeting of the diocesan council, some reorganization of diocesan staff, what the House of Bishops might be up to, and a variety of other exciting and motivating matters customary to these sorts of meetings regardless of denomination.  But what we did most was laugh.  We laughed together about some of our own silliness, life in the church, and the ordinary events of our lives.  We laughed together about most everything, and that’s a good thing.  It’s good for us, good for the church, good for the bishop and good to know that we can be friends as well as colleagues in a diocese that can laugh.

2 thoughts on “Clergy Days with the Bishop”

  1. Nice to hear you had a good time. And speaking of clergy days . . . sort of . . .One Robin Biffle will be ordained to the priesthood tomorrow in Moscow. She\’s from MT. If you\’re going to that, give my regards to both her and Bishop Waggoner.

  2. this post totally warmed my heart! a little more laughter in the world or church or day can only be a good thing in my humble opinion. thanks for sharing!

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