Bulgarian Friendship

We have become the “friendship family” for a freshman from Bulgaria as a part of a program at one of our local colleges.  We took a little road trip with him this weekend up the Columbia River to Wenatchee, Washington.  Do you know how exciting it is to look with fresh eyes at wheat fields, desert scrub lands, orchards, rivers, vineyards, mountains and dams?  Listening to a well educated but teenage take on Europe, Bulgaria and America illuminates a whole new way of seeing the world.  And that world is getting closer by the day.  It turned out that one of his high school teachers from his international school in Sofia now lives in Wenatchee, so it turned out to be something of a reunion for them as well.  How about that?

3 thoughts on “Bulgarian Friendship”

  1. is that the bulgarian spelling of \”friendship\” in your title?? 🙂 and were you buy any chance driving to wenatchee to pick up art? i love the notion of seeing \”old\” things through \”new\” eyes! we were stopped at the ballard bridge a couple of weeks ago and dear sweet husband was grumbling about the wait. he climbed out of the car and was greeted by a young man who had recently moved to seattle. the younger man was delighted about the \”cool draw bridge!\” it brought a whole new perspective to the grumbling local!

  2. Oh Lucy, porr, whoops, poor CP, he doesn\’t have a prayer with 2 eagle-eyed proof readers at hand:)CP – The \”new eyes\” gave us many thank yous for our hospitality. I don\’t think he possibly understood the gift he had given us by sharing the trip.

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