Absentee Voting in Florida Redux

Home now and going through the mail I found another piece from the Florida Republican Party.  It’s addressed to my deceased mother who is buried in Florida and has been for several years.  Nevertheless, they ask her to fill out a simple form attesting to her temporary residence in Washington State, a place she has never been, even in life.  No verification of any kind is required, and just in case they sent two cards.  One shows the address of her former home in Florida, but the other is blank, allowing her to report her new permanent Florida address.  I wonder what would happen if I sent it back in with the address of the church memorial garden where her ashes lie next to dad’s?

4 thoughts on “Absentee Voting in Florida Redux”

  1. Yep Geezer, same guy complaining about both. I think ACORN is deliberately sloppy with their registrations drives, and I think the Florida GOP is just plain corrupt. I don\’t know, maybe I\’m a hopeless romantic. Somehow a reasonably honest and open election process ought to be the norm and not the exception everywhere, including those jurisdictions with lousy track records. CP

  2. I was referring to the Republican party. They complain loudly about ACORN, perhaps in anticipation of another election that they might win in court. Their self-righteous complaints about ACORN do not seem to deter them from offering the potential for abuse to you.It almost seems proper to use the fraudulent ballots they offer to vote for their opponents. Ah, but there is this \”conscience\” thing that discourages such acts of justice.

  3. Ah yes, that conscience thing……although, with clear conscience and conviction, I think copies of the documents to the appropriate party headquarters or organizations would be a worthwhile effort!

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